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She wasn't as sweet or innocent as Loki had previously thought; she had gotten them out of there with simple lies. 

They escaped with a helicopter and had landed in Connecticut. She got him into warmer clothes, that hid his face and she got them a car using her S.H.I.E.L.D. card. They filled up on gas, and she drove them out as fast as they could. She'd gotten a call. 

"We shall find you." 

"I know." 

"Run faster." 

"I will." 

Thor hesitated when he hung up that strange Midgardian device called a "phone". He wanted her to get out of there, but he had to fulfill his duty as well. He turned to the team. "They're running. We must hurry, or they'll reach New Mexico before we can say anything." 

Loki brushed his fingers over his aching lips. He noted that _________ was extremely tense. He arched an eyebrow. He brushed her arm. She jumped. 

"You know, we don't have to go all the way to New Mexico to get to Asgard." 

"You're telling me now?" she said smoothly, covering her anger. 

He nodded. He shouted, "Heimdall!" 

They disappeared. It was freezing, and black. She opened her eyes to find that she was holding Loki's hand as they drifted through space. She gasped as they hit hard ground. 

"We cannot stay here. We can get out of here using the broken section of the Bifrost," he said, taking her hand and jerking her along. She stumbled after him. He closed his eyes and took a shaky breath before taking a leap into cold dark space once again. They drifted down past a million doorways, but he shook his head in disgust at every one.

"Which one?" she asked, feeling as if her lungs were about to collapse. Breathing was becoming increasingly difficult. 

"I don't know. I've not been this far," he replied curtly. 

"No need to be so short," she muttered. He turned to her with angry green eyes. 

She shrugged. He shoved her away violently. 

"Insolent little-" 

She slammed into a doorway and disappeared. Loki sighed angrily and followed after her. He owed her this much anyways. He couldn't just let her die. 

They arrived on a strange little blue planet, and it was devoid of animal or human life. Mysterious yet beautiful flowers bloomed under their feet. They glowed with each step they took, the wet dewdrops shaken from the blades of purple grass. The bioluminescent clouds above shone a pinkish hue against the indigo and emerald sky. It was darker than Midgard or Asgard. The air smelled like the sweet, wet grass beneath their feet. There was a little blue sun, barely a pinpoint in the sky, however the air around them was warm. 

"Now look where we are!" Loki snapped, crossing his arms. 

"You pushed me in here!" _______ protested. She sat down on the cold ground, tugging her knees to her chest. She was an idiot. "You said I was to be your queen of what? Nothing. We're alone, Loki. Nothing to rule here. No wonder they call you Silvertongue. Liar."

He felt a snap of pain at those words, and his eyes darkened. 

"You little wench!" he shouted. He would have struck her, but he was still weak. He sighed and sat beside her. 

She moved away. "I don't have any family. I don't have Bruce or Thor or Tony or Steve or Natasha or Clint. I miss them. I'll never see them again." 

"I never had any of those things. I've lasted this long," he growled. He hated those people so much. Hated them.

"Family. People who love you. You had those, Loki." 

He looked into her eyes, searching. 

"No matter what you think, no matter how many times you've been disproven, they loved you. They still do. If a mere mortal like me can be good again, so can you. Remember?" 

He nodded. 

"Perhaps. For now, this world is mine. This realm will be ruled by me. And you'll be my queen." He nodded affirmatively. 

She smiled. 

"As you wish, my King." 

He smiled crookedly at her, and kissed her cheek. It was the start of something beautiful and mysterious, like the planet that Loki was to rule. 

~Years Later~

"They're here," she whimpered. Their castle had taken many years to build, but was complex. Their single baby boy rested peacefully in his crib.

"It shall take them a while to find us." He pulled her close.

Thor slammed down the door. 

"Loki!" he thundered. 

________ buried her face in his chest.

Thor paused. He picked up the tiny child. 

"Is that his little one?" he asked softly. "He's so small." 

Loki tensed when he heard Thor's words.

"He isn't here, little one? Where is your father?" The infant replied with a gurgle and a little sniff. Thor chuckled. "We shall have to take you back to the Great Hall. I shall keep you." 

___________ yelped jumped to her feet. 

"No!" she cried. 

Loki stood up after her. 

"Brother," Thor murmured, holding the tiny baby in his hand. He pulled the tiny thing close. "His name?" 

"Eyvindr," he replied coldly. "Give him to me." 

"He's so like you." The little child had opened his bright green eyes, squeezing Thor's thick finger. He garbled and looked at him with a curious, fascinated expression. 

Thor handed the tiny thing back to _________. She buried her face in his soft tufts of ebony, shuddering as she did. She rocked him. He was so small.

"How long have you been here?" Thor asked.

"A while," Loki snarled. 

"Brother you can't-"

"I've ruled for this long. Don't take it from me now, Thor." Loki's eyes were pleading now.

Thor nodded solemnly. 

"Father has passed," he said quietly. 

Loki faltered. "What?" 

"He never woke from Odinsleep. He has gone onto Vallahalla." 

"You are king?" he asked. 

"I came, because I wish for you to be my advisor, and if I die, my successor." His blue eyes were hopeful. 

Loki looked at _________. She nodded. He turned back to Thor, nodding. 

"Let us return home, brother." 

Loki smiled. Home.
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I'd say that's a very good ending.

It was a very jumpy story, like small fragments in time but it was good. You might want to try and make a more detailed story, with ups and downs, conflicts and resolutions, and character build-ups, teas are very important it gives depth to the story but if you're making a reader insert try to be very vague on the readers background, origin and personalty. :)
But that might not be your thing?
Anyway, just some advice from a vivid daydreamer and professional reader :3
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I've been working on a story like that. It's the plot and storyline for my friend's comic. It's my own characters as well, in my own universe. I've been a comic nerd for a while, but I don't like to post my art. She can do it for me XD

Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. I should have my main character's bio up soon, on her page. swedishfishes, is the user. She's an aspiring comic artist, but she has yet to post her work. She's going to post the story I've been writing for her soon. You might be interested if you like DC or Marvel. Her style is unique, definitely, but it's similar to DC's older work.
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